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2018 Harvest
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Best Selling
matcha Sencha Gyokuro
Den's update
2018 Senchas and Fukamushi Senchas
All of our Senchas and Fukamushi-Senchas are now available with the 2018 harvest. In May the new Senchas and Fukamushi Senchas were produced at the facilities of Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten, our parent company, in Shizuoka. Inventories are now in our chilled warehouse in California and are ready to be shipped.

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Enjoy Cold Brewing with Fresh Fukamushi Senchas
Cold Brew tea is gaining popularity in the US and we would like you to try cold brewing with the fresh 2018 Fukamushi Sencha. Residence of Japan have traditionally enjoyed cold brew Sencha or Gyokuro for long time and we thought this is the best time to remind you of it since we now have the 2018 harvest tea in our Sencha and Fukamushi Sencha. Fresh tea always produces the best brew for "Cold Brew" because it contains good Umami for making flavorful iced tea.

Den personally recommends Fukamushi Sencha Maki or Yame for cold brew because it easily brews a strong flavor with a beautiful green cup. See easy brewing...

The Best Cold Brew Teapot, Cha Cha Kyusu 20% off
This clear glass kyusu is the best for cold brew Senchas. It has a 10.5 oz capacity which is good for a refreshing tall glass for yourself or two cups for sharing with a friend. Since we want you to enjoy genuine cold brew Japanese green tea, we are pleased to offer 20% off the regular price through the month of July.

Enjoy Hot Brew Iced Tea with Refreshing Houjicha
While cold brewing works for most teas, brewing a tea like Houjicha with hot water produces a more aromatic and refreshing iced tea than when it is brewed cold. The hint to making delicious "Hot Brew" iced green tea is to use 50% more loose leaf tea leaves or two teabags and steep as directed for one cup of hot tea. Then pour it over ice in a glass to lock in the aroma. See easy brewing...

Sample of Month Houji Genmaicha
Houji Genmaicha is one of the best choices for Hot Brew Iced Tea. Houji Genmaicha has a refreshing roasted aroma, is medium bodied, and is a light "woodsy" brown liquid. In addition, it is gentle to your stomach with a low amount of caffeine. We hope this will be your new favorite iced tea this summer!

No action is needed. We will automatically enclose it with your shipment but note that the sample will be sent to the person receiving the order.

New Package
Our new package is a re-sealable and self-stand aluminum bag with our Denchan logo on it. We include an oxygen absorber as before. This new package prevents oxygen, ultra violet light and odor from your green tea. These are three major factors which can make your stored green tea inferior. We will start to ship our new Sencha and Fukamushi Sencha in this package first and then ship the rest of our teas when they become available with the 2018 harvest.

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