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Den's update
June is National Iced Tea Month!
Since the day iced tea was introduced at the World's Fair in 1904, it has been popular with the American people. That's more than a century of refreshing iced tea. Now, more than 80% of tea consumption in the United States is iced teas. With summer approaching, National Iced Tea Month reminds us to enjoy a refreshing, delicious and healthy glass of iced tea as your hot summer day drink!

New Iced Tea #1 Instant Mugicha Powder
instant Mugicha powder image Mugicha contains no caffeine because it is made from Mugi (barley). Its taste is robust and aromatic and has been very popular with adults and children as a summer beverage in Japan. Now Den's Mugicha is available in a convenient instant powder. Den's Instant Mugicha Powder is an extraction produced by Spray Dry technology and it dissolves quickly and easily in water. You can enjoy it as a hot tea or a refreshing iced tea and with or without sweetener. It is also a good substitute for coffee for those who want to reduce their caffeine-intake.

New Iced Tea #2 Matcha single-serve packet
shincha images We announced last year that we were developing a small packet of Matcha that you could pour into a water bottle and drink on the go. We have completed our development and we are introducing our new Matcha single-serve packet. This small thin packet contains 1.5 grams of ceremonial grade matcha and is convenient enough for you to take anywhere. It can be enjoyed as traditional Matcha in Matcha bowl, or you can pour it into your cold water bottle. Store a 30 packet box at home or office and always take some packets in your bag or briefcase. It's also great for traveling.
Shinchas Are Sold Out
tea field Our seasonal Shinchas - Hashiri Shincha, Shincha Kunpu and Shincha Houryoku are sold out. If you purchased one, or all of them, THANK YOU.

We hope you enjoyed these seasonal teas.

We appreciate your patronage of this year's Shinchas and we all look forward to their return next year.
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