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ice brew gyokuro
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matcha Sencha Gyokuro
Den's update
Ice Brew Gyokuro - Ultimate Taste of Umami
While we recommended cold brew for fresh Sencha and Fukamushi Sencha, we have another technique to enjoy the great umami taste of iced Gyokuro. It is Ice Brew. As it says, we use only ice, no water, to brew this iced tea. Simply put tea leaves into a teapot and cover them by ice. The amount of ice will depend on the size of your teapot. Wait for at least an hour or until the ice melts enough to pour a cup. This technique infuses tea leaves with 0o C (32o F) degree water. Since the ice is melted, the tea will be not as cold but it will have less bitterness and more umami.

Try this ice brew tea with 2018 fresh Gyokuro. It brews a full bodied emerald green cup. See easy brewing...

2018 Teas
Following our Senchas and Fukamushi-Senchas, most of our popular teas are now available with the 2018 harvest. These teas are Gyokuros, Bancha, Genmaichas, Green Kukicha and Guricha. Inventories are now in our chilled warehouse in California and are ready to be shipped.

Houjicha Sale - 20% Off
Have you tried Hot Brew iced tea with Houji Genmaicha? It was our July sample of month. As we mentioned, brewing a tea like Houjicha with hot water produces a more aromatic and refreshing iced tea than when it is brewed cold.

August promises to be a hot month in the nation, so we are offering 20% discount on this refreshing iced tea. Hope you will stay hydrated with Den's Tea this summer!

New Package
Our new package is a re-sealable and self-stand aluminum bag with our Denchan logo on it. We include an oxygen absorber as before. This new package prevents oxygen, ultra violet light and odor from affecting your green tea. These are three major factors which can make your stored green tea inferior. We are shipping our new teas in this package now.

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