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Shizuoka Unique Teas Set
Shizuoka Unique Teas Set imageWould you like taste all three Shizuoka unique teas(Black, Oolong and Pu-erh) and compare their flavors? We made a set of 1oz bags with a special price so you can do just that. You can find your favorite unique flavor by drinking one by one or try a tea tasting party with your friends and sample all three together. This set will be available for a limited time. Click here to order.

Our Honyama Oolong is finally back in stock, so our unique tea trio from Shizuoka is here now. Thank you for your patience while we restocked.
Delicious and Healthy Tea Seed Oil
Healthy Tea Seed Oil image Since the introduction of our Gold Tea Oil, we have received many helpful comments from our customers. While most of our customers who tried our tea seed oil were surprised with its unimaginable flavor and health benefits (as beneficial as drinking green tea) many are still seeking better ways to enjoy our Gold Tea Oil. See our new simple recipes!

Gold Tea Oil is made from 100% tea seeds that were harvested in Shizuoka. It is the first edible tea seed oil made in Japan. This bright golden tea oil has a nutty flavor with dense sweetness, good umami and the slight aroma of young tea leaves. It is rich in oleic and linolei cacids, and antioxidants β- carotene, vitamin C and E as well as CoQ10. This oil will add to your healthy diet. Try the new healthy taste of our Gold Tea Oil!
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Den's Tea trial kit image We have 2 Trial Kits for those just beginning to explore Japanese tea or Den's Tea. Each kit will give the curious tea drinker the opportunity to brew and taste fresh, authentic Japanese green tea.

We have a Special Matcha Trial Kit and a Popular Loose Leaf Tea Trial Kit. Try one or both! This is a special promotion for first time customers only and there is a limit of one of each kit per customer.
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