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matcha Sencha Gyokuro
Den's update
2019 Fukamushi Sencha is Excellent!
fukamushi tea image"Fuka" means deep and "Mushi" means steaming in Japanese. As the name implies, Fukamushi leaves are steamed longer, two or three times longer, than regular Sencha. The result is coarser leaves but a much greener cup than the golden color of regular Sencha. We received 2019 Fukamushi Senchas last month and thought they were quite well produced. Consequently we would like to celebrate these blessings of nature and share some information with you to enhance your enjoyment of our Fukamushi Senchas!
Cinco de Fukmushi Sencha Limited Availabiity
cinco de fukamushi sencha product image

Den's Tea is proud to be carrying these 5 Fukamushi Senchas as a leading Japanese tea supplier in North America.

Tea Production area Cultivar
Maki Makinohara, Shizuoka Yabukita
Yame Yame, Fukuoka Yutakamidori
Chiran Chiran, Kagoshima Asatsuyu
Special Ogasa, Shizuoka Yabukita
Organic Kakegawa, Shizuoka Yabukita

Would you like taste all five and compare their flavors? We have made a set of 1oz bags with a special price so you can do just that. You can find your favorite Fukamushi Sencha by drinking one by one or try a tea tasting party with your friends and sample all five together. This set will be sold only until August 31st .

Fukamushi Brewing Tip #1
iced fukamushi tea image This summer you can enjoy iced Fukamushi Sencha by COLD or HOT brewing. If you want to enjoy a nice mellow Umami, go COLD brew. If you like a strong aroma and flavor, go HOT brew then add ice to the tea.

Fukamushi Brewing Tip #2

Even with the same amount of tea leaves, water and infusing time, the way you move your teapot makes you're a difference in your Fukamushi Sencha! Find your own technique and have the best cup ever!

2019 Popular Teas
popular tea image Following our Senchas and Fukamushi-Senchas, most of our popular teas are now available with the 2019 harvest. These teas are Gyokuros, Bancha, Genmaichas, Green Kukicha and Guricha. Inventories are now in our chilled warehouse in California and are ready to be shipped.

The Sample of Month Matcha single-serve packet
shincha images This small thin packet contains 1.5 grams of ceremonial grade matcha and is convenient enough for you to take anywhere. It can be enjoyed as traditional Matcha in a Matcha bowl, or you can pour it into your cold water bottle. Store a 30 packet box at home or office and always take some packets in your bag or briefcase. It's also great for traveling whether on vacation or for business.

No action is needed. We will automatically enclose it with your shipment, but note that the sample will be sent to the person receiving the order.
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