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hashiri shincha
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Shincha Kunpu and Houryoku Are Available Now
shincha kunpuOur popular Eighty-Eighth Night Shinchas, Kunpu and Houryoku are in stock. These Shinchas were produced from high quality first flush leaves in early May and air-shipped to us. Here are my tasting comments for these great teas.

Shincha Kunpu:
Every year when I receive Kunpu, I taste it with Hashiri Shincha first and compare them to each other. Both are lightly steamed and I like to see how the young leaf is different from an even younger leaf. In a normal year, Kunpu has a more matured Umami flavor whereas Hashiri has a fresh greenish flavor. However...Read more

shincha horyokuShincha Houryoku:
When I brewed this year's Houryoku, I was surprised by its beautiful transparent cup. I don't mean the cup was clear. The cup was as cloudy as a Fukamushi Sencha, but it's somehow a beautiful cloudiness. I sipped it once and as I would expect from the color of the cup, the taste was...Read more

Hashiri Shincha is still available
shincha pre-orderA limited quantity of our Hashiri Shincha, "the first of the first flush teas", is still available. As Den mentioned in his tasting note, 2018 Hashiri Shincha has an exceptional flavor because of stable weather this spring.

I was very excited to taste this year's Hashiri even before opening the bag because I received reports from our tea taster that this year’s Shincha was very good. As the bag was opened, I could easily tell he was correct! The tea leaves are well rolled, shiny, and...Read more

Complimentary Pink Sushi Cup with $35 Purchase
Den's ping sushi tea cupTo celebrate 2018 Shincha and Mother's Day month, we will be sending you a complimentary Pink Sushi Tea Cup when your purchase of any of our products is over $35. This Sushi Cup is an original design with the logo of Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten, Inc., our parent company. It is an 7oz cup and great to use with meals when your lunch or dinner drink is healthy green tea. Drink lots of green tea for your health!
Pink Sushi Cup: 7oz / 2.50"D X 3.75"H

No action is needed. We will automatically enclose it with shipments (excluding gift orders) when your purchase for any of our products is over $35 excluding S&H. This offer is valid through May 31st or untul our supply is gone.

Want to Taste Both Teas?
shincha tasting setOur Shincha tasting set is 1oz of each of Kunpu and Houryoku. If you're not sure which Shincha you would like - Kunpu (light steamed) or Houryoku (deep steamed) - here's an opportunity to try both.

Click here to order Shincha tasting set.

Sample of Month – Powdered Benifuki
powdered benifukiSpring is a happy season with new plant growth and colorful flowers. However it also means trouble for those who are annoyed by plant pollen or hay fever. In this plant growing season, you may want to try our Benifuki as one possible source of relief from itchy eyes and a runny nose. Its effectiveness varies from person to person, however we want to know that at least one possible source of relief is tasty green tea!

No action is needed to receive the sample. We will automatically enclose it with your shipment, but note that the sample will be sent to the person receiving the order.

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