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20% OFF - Selected 2015 Senchas

senchaAll of our Senchas and Fukamushi-Senchas (except organic Senchas) produced with the May 2016 harvest in Japan are on the way to Denís Tea and will be available in early July.

Our Senchas made with the 2015 harvest are either in limited supply or may even be out of stock. In order to make room for the new teas, we are offering a 20% discount for select 2015 teas until the 2016 inventory of teas arrive. All of our teas have been carefully stored in a climate controlled warehouse and their freshness and flavor are guaranteed. Quantities vary and this offer is subject to availability. The teas availale for the 20% discount are:

Sencha Zuiko
Fukamushi-Sencha Yame
Fukamushi-Sencha Special

Shincha Kunpu and Houryoku Are Still Available
Our popular Eighty-Eighth Night Shinchas, Kunpu and Houryoku were produced from high quality first flush leaves in early May and air-shipped to us.

Eighty-Eighth Night Shincha refers to Shincha picked on the 88th day after the first day of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar. This is usually around May 2nd, but it landed on May 1st this year because of a leap year. The Eighty-Eighth Night - "Hachijuhachiya" in Japanese - is a special day in Japanese agriculture since it is the time all the plants and vegetables begin to sprout.

We still have some stock available. It will be another 12 months before it is available again, so don't miss this wonderful taste of special seasonal teas.

See Den's Shincha Kunpu comments or order / Shincha Houryoku comments or order
CONTINUED - Gift from Den's Tea - Bone China Cup over $35 Shincha purchase
Den's Tea Gift CupWe want you to enjoy Shincha as much as possible consequently we are pleased to offer you our original Bone China cup - Denchan Cup. It has a shiny white inside that brightens up a cup of Shincha so you can enjoy the beautiful color of the tea. Also the thin cup feels good on the lips. You can feel the power of nature through your sight and palate.

When your order includes any Shincha and is over $35, we will automatically enclose a cup with your shipment. No action is needed but note that the cup will be sent to the person receiving the order.

ALWAYS- Buy TWO Tea Time Treats Get One Free
sakura tea time We are always offering "Buy Two Get One Free" for our Tea Time Treats - Frosted Rice Snacks and Kameda Crisps (Kaki-No-Tane). Enjoy Shincha or any of our teas with crunchy rice crackers!

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