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Matcha made in Shizuoka

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Try our Special Green Tea Sampler for Novices with Teapot

Green Tea Sampler
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Introducing New Matcha Honyama
Honyama matcha Honyama is located in northern Shizuoka city and the area is known for its premium Sencha which we stock. It is an ideal location for growing great tea: the soil is rich, there is a significant temperature change during the day and there is mist in the morning. The conditions combine to grow flavorful tea leaves. Shizuoka is the biggest tea producer in Japan but not quite as renowned as the matcha production areas of Uji or Nishio and the matcha production in Shizuoka is smaller than each of them. However matcha made in Shizuoka, especially Honyama, is very special. It has a unique fresh Umami and a smooth texture compared with the bold Umami and thick texture of other matchas. It’s worth tasting especially if you are a matcha lover and want to experience something a little different. This matcha will be available for a limited time.

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New to Den's Tea? - Special Green Tea Sampler for Novices with Teapot
New upgraded organic genmaicha with matcha Since our opening in 2000, Den's Tea has strived to introduce Japanese green teas and tea culture to our North American consumers. Our “Green Tea Sampler for Novices” has always been a popular product for new customers. It has helped our customers understand the tastes of various Japanese teas and Den’s Tea products. As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we are introducing a special version of our green tea sampler which includes our Shudei teapot at a special price.

Our Special Green Tea Sampler for Novices with Teapot includes:
  • Sencha Fukamidori (1oz) : our most popular Sencha from Shizuoka
  • Genmaicha Extra Green (1oz): Matcha blended Genmaicha, our most popular tea overall for 15 years
  • Premium Restaurant Matcha: Great for lattes and sweets and also for an everyday drink
  • Teapot Shudei: 8oz traditional red clay teapot
  • Informative booklet about tea and its substantial health benefits
  • Brewing Guide and Matcha recipe
The price is $10.95 that's more than a 50% discount from the combined value of $22.20.This is a special promotion and is limited to one sampler per person. The offer ends on October 31st or until supplies lasts.

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Matcha Teawares on Sale – up to 20% off the normal price
A chasen, bamboo whisk, is an essential implement for making a good cup of matcha and using the Chashaku adds to the Matcha experience. Finally you may want several different Matcha Bowls to match the season or your mood. With the increasing popularity of matcha, we are pleased to offer a special discount for our Matcha related teawares for preparing matcha. This offer ends on October 31st

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Visiting our Organic Tea Farms
Our production director Yoshinori Takeda recently visited our contracted organic tea farmers to see their conditions. Good communication and relationship with farmers is very important to know our tea well and brings us more information to make better teas. This time, he also interviewed them to introduce themselves to our customers.

Please visit our Facebook page to meet them.
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