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Sweet tea ceremony

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Definition of Bancha
This month we are featuring Bancha. Based on the question we hear about Bancha, we think there are many people don't understand it. Here is one FAQ about Bancha:

Q: Is Bancha a Lower Quality Tea?

A: People often consider Bancha a lower quality green tea, and depending on the source of the Bancha this is sometimes true. However, there are also the first flush fresh Banchas like ours and unique local Banchas. The flavor and quality of Bancha can vary depending on the growing area or time in Japan, and even Japanese consumers are confused what exactly Bancha is. Yet Bancha is an important part of Japanese tea culture and is popular as a casual tea in Japan.

Let's explore Bancha!

Sample of the Month Bancha
Sample of the month-Bancha
So are you interested in Bancha now? We are pleased to share Den's version of Bancha Bancha Suruga with you this month. Our Bancha Suruga is made of first flush leaves and is a high quality flavorful green tea. Enjoy the grassy and robust flavor with slight fresh bitterness. No action is needed to receive the sample. We will automatically enclose it with your shipment, but note that the sample will be sent to the person receiving the order.

New Dew Brew-in-Mug w/Infuser & Lid

New Dew Brew-in-Mug w/Infuser & Lid
Enjoy your favorite tea in this satin finish mug. The soft and smooth surfaces will relax your senses. The large stainless steel infuser with extra-fine holes allows tea to expand fully, bringing out more flavor and fragrance. The stainless steel lid serves as an infuser holder. Our mug has white interior so you will be able to enjoy the bright green tea color as well. This 11oz mug will keep you tea warm as you enjoy it.

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