Tokoname Denchan Kyusu ($42.00)Tokoname Denchan Kyusu ($42.00)Tokoname Denchan Kyusu ($42.00)Tokoname Denchan Kyusu ($42.00)

Tokoname Denchan Kyusu ($42.00)


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This teapot is a Den's Tea exclusive. This original Kyusu is hand crafted in Atelier Isshin in Tokoname, Japan. Atelier Isshin is craft center of professionals creating premium Kyusus. This Kyusu is suitable for most teas, but has been specifically crafted to brew our premium teas. An integral ceramic sieve called "Cera Mesh" strains the tea as it is poured which purists believe is the best type of strainer. The specific clay for this Kyusu was selected so that the inside, including the Cera Mesh can be left unglazed.

Tokoname Denchan Kyusu : 12oz / 5 5/8"D (including a handle) X 3 1/8"H
Pottery: Tokoname. One of the Six Old Kilns of Japan, has been a pottery center since the 12th century and is especially famous for its unglazed pottery.

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