Midori Kyusu ($22.00)Midori Kyusu ($22.00)Midori Kyusu ($22.00)Midori Kyusu ($22.00)

Midori Kyusu ($22.00)


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Midori is "green" in Japanese. As the name implies, this Tokoname teapot has a beautiful light green glaze and is a great Kyusu to brew Shincha for yourself or guests. It has a built-in metal sieve called "Obiami" and it wraps all the way around the inside of the tea pot. This type of sieve promotes a smooth and complete pour by preventing the wet leaves from being "stuffed" up close to the spout.

Midori Kyusu: 9oz / 6.5"D (including a handle) X 3.75"H
Pottery: Tokoname, one of the Six Old Kilns of Japan, has been a pottery center since the 12th century and is especially famous for its unglazed pottery.

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