Midori Kan-nyu Matcha Bowl ($28.00)Midori Kan-nyu Matcha Bowl ($28.00)Midori Kan-nyu Matcha Bowl ($28.00)

Midori Kan-nyu Matcha Bowl ($28.00)


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Kan-nyu is a pottery term denoting a cracked pattern. This bowl has a beautiful green cracked pattern and is a shape that can be held comfortably by both hands.

Midori Kan-nyu Matcha Bowl: 10oz / 4.4"D X 3.0"H
Pottery: Mino. Minoyaki has been made in the Gifu Prefecture since 15th century. Now it is the biggest pottery production kiln in Japan. Famous Shino and Oribe styles are a part of Mino-yaki.

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