Cream Green KyusuCream Green KyusuCream Green KyusuCream Green KyusuCream Green KyusuCream Green Kyusu

Cream Green Kyusu


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This Tokoname teapot has a large metal sieve attached inside the pot that is good for brewing any type of tea. The rim of the teapot which holds the lid has a notch which makes it easier to remove the used tea leaves. The color comes from the natural soil, not a glaze.

Cream Green Kyusu: 10oz / 6.3"D (including a handle) X 3.3"H
Pottery: Tokoname, one of the Six Old Kilns of Japan, has been a pottery center since the 12th century and is especially famous for its unglazed pottery.

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by Amy H.

This cream green Kyusu is such a lovely tea brewing vessel! The piece feels refined and delicate and the color is exquisite! This ware next to a glass of Den's Sencha Shin-ryoku offers not only an elegant presentation, but a wonderful green tea experience. Keep in mind the low brewing temperatures for a sweet cup. Unlike so many other tea purveyors, Den's Tea provides very convenient instructions on their tea packets. My Kyusu arrived quickly and was very well packed. It is apparent to me that Den's Tea is paying close attention to their customers and to the details with every order.