A good teapot is essential for the proper brewing of green tea. Den has developed a collection of teapots that will brew flavorful cups of hot or iced tea. The collection includes modern and traditional designs as well as modern and traditional materials. All of them will brew an authentic cup of tea when using one of Den's fine green teas.

Futanashi (no lid) Kyusu($40.00)

The lid has always been part of a tea pot. It helps retain heat and also keeps the aroma in the teapot. However, it is sometimes convenient and fun... more info

Cream Green Kyusu ($42.00)

This Tokoname teapot has a large metal sieve attached inside the pot that is good for brewing any type of tea. The rim of the teapot which holds the... more info

Ai Kyusu ($45.00)

This Japanese style kyusu is unique because it has a removable stainless basket instead of an installed sieve like traditional Japanese Kyusus. The... more info

Clear Teapot ($30.00)

This clear teapot is made of Tritan™ plastic. Tritan plastic is light, BPA free, durable, beautiful and dishwasher-safe. The metal basket is... more info

Sushi Cup ($16.00)

This beautiful cup will add some elegance to your table while you enjoy tea with your sushi or any other Japanese cuisine. The grooved surface fits... more info

Hasami Cup ($16.00)

Hasami ware is part of the traditional line of Arita ware which dates back to the 17th century. The modern shape and design has become known as... more info

Matcha Mini Shaker ($2.00)

2oz Capacity / D 2.25” X H 3.0” (including the lid) Description This Matcha Mini Shaker is a convenient tool and can be used in place of your... more info

Midori Kan-nyu Matcha Bowl ($28.00)

Kan-nyu is a pottery term denoting a cracked pattern. This bowl has a beautiful green cracked pattern and is a shape that can be held comfortably by... more info

Haku-Yu Matcha Bowl ($29.00)

This bowl feels good in the hand with slight indentations which welcome the fingers. The earth color of the bowl reminds us of its origins. more info

Chasen-Bamboo Whisk 100 prongs ($16.00)

The Chasen is the essential tool for making a Matcha. It is most often seen in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, but it is perfectly acceptable to use... more info

Chashaku- Matcha Scoop ($5.00)

The Chashaku is the authentic way to measure Matcha for brewing. This bamboo implement is more like a spatula than a scoop. However, it conveys just... more info

Stainless Strainer ($5.00)

Stainless strainer is simple, yet very functional for your tea time. It can be used to catch the tea leaves when pouring into your cup or sift the... more info