A good teapot is essential for the proper brewing of green tea. Den has developed a collection of teapots that will brew flavorful cups of hot or iced tea. The collection includes modern and traditional designs as well as modern and traditional materials. All of them will brew an authentic cup of tea when using one of Den's fine green teas.

Den’s Glass Teapot

This heat-resistant, clear glass teapot is an elegant way to brew any kind of tea. It has a ceramic fine-holed infuser to brew green, Oolong, Black... more info

Denchan Mini Matcha Bowl

Small sized Matcha Bowl is also good size cup for regular tea. Denchan Mini Matcha Bowl : 5oz / 4.0"D X 2.5"H Pottery: China (Our teapots made in... more info

CAST Water Jug

CAST collection has a simple and beautiful design developed under the concept of "non-interfering design". The angle of handle is designed to relieve... more info

Mist Glass Ice Tea Jug for Cold-Brew

The MIST Ice Tea Jug is specifically designed for making cold brew ice tea. Just add tea leaves and cold water to the jug and keep in the... more info

Capsule Water Carafe - White

The lid of CAPSULE opens automatically when tipped and closes when set upright. The optimal size and specification of various parts have been... more info

To Go Tumbler

This tumbler is made of stainless with a tightly closing lid to prevent major spills so that you can enjoy your tea easily at just about any... more info

Day Off Tumbler

DAY OFF TUMBLER is designed for a relaxing yet active day off. Vacuum insulated, it retains the temperature and flavor of drinks for a long time.... more info

Cast Water Glass

CAST has a simple and beautiful design developed under the concept of "uninterfering design". The rim of the cup spans slightly outwards so that... more info

Kronos Double Wall Cup

KRONOS makes drinks look like they are floating in air with a double wall structure. The ring supports your fingers for easy gripping, and the cup... more info

Futanashi (no lid) Kyusu

The lid has always been part of a tea pot. It helps retain heat and also keeps the aroma in the teapot. However, it is sometimes convenient and fun... more info
Cream Green KyusuCream Green Kyusu
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Cream Green Kyusu

This Tokoname teapot has a large metal sieve attached inside the pot that is good for brewing any type of tea. The rim of the teapot which holds the... more info
Ai KyusuAi Kyusu
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Ai Kyusu

This Japanese style kyusu is unique because it has a removable stainless basket instead of an installed sieve like traditional Japanese Kyusus. The... more info

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