Yuzamashi - Water Cooler ($30.00)

Yuzamashi Water Cooler
Green Tea
Den's Tokoname water cooler completes this premium Sencha tea service. One can cool brewing water using other methods, but the mood and ambience set by utilizing this complete set is inspirational. These implements are pieces of art. The Sencha pot, cups and water cooler are part of "the art of tea" and a historical art form on their own.
Yuzamashi: 4oz / 4"D X 2"H
Pottery: Tokoname, one of the "Six Old Kilns", has been a pottery center in Japan since the early 12th century. It has been a production center for tea ware for centuries.
Tokoname is especially famous for its unglazed teapots.

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Yuzamashi - Water Cooler


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