Premium Sencha Teapot ($50.00)

Green Tea
This teapot is a Den's Tea exclusive. This original Sencha style pot is hand crafted in Tokoname, Japan. This Sencha pot is suitable for most teas, but has been specifically crafted to brew our super-premium Sencha. It is crafted with an integral ceramic sieve to strain the tea as it is poured which purists believe is the best type of strainer.

This pot is truly the best combination of function, authenticity and the "Art of Tea". You will enjoy preparing and serving your tea with this pot almost as much as the tea itself. This teapot has a small capacity, which is the optimum way to experience premium green tea. Brewing 4-6 oz of tea at each infusion allows for a most intense flavor experience.
Green Tea Green Tea Green Tea
Premium Sencha Teapot: 6oz / 5.5"D (including a handle) X 3"H
Pottery: Tokoname, one of the "Six Old Kilns", has been a pottery center in Japan since the early 12th century. It has been a production center for tea ware for centuries.
Tokoname is especially famous for its unglazed teapots.

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