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How can I find my favorite tea?
Japanese Green Tea sampleGood question! But as you can imagine this question could generate a very complicated answer. So we tried simplifying the answer by asking some questions to determine what you are looking for in a tea. Here are a series of questions you can ask yourself to see what tea
or teas fit your tea time goal.


green tea leaf Q1: Are you new to Japanese green tea and just want to try it?
Japanese Green Tea SamplerTry our $3 Green Tea Sampler for Novices. It includes samples of our popular tea and brewing and health information.
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green tea leaf Q2: Are you looking for teas by a particular taste?
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green tea leaf Q3: Are you interested in tea for specific health benefits?
  • Antioxidant:
    Sencha contains the most catechins and has a good balanced of other vitamins.
  • Diet:
    Sencha contains catechin, caffeine and theanine resulting in a faster calorie burn during exercise.
  • Preventing flu, colds or cavities:
    Bancha contains the most EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) which is an anti-bacterial and anti-virus agent.
  • Relaxation:
    Gyokuro, Kukicha, or Matcha contain a high levels of theanine which promotes relaxation.
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green tea leaf Q4: Are you looking for teas by time of day?
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green tea leaf Q5: Do you want one tea that you can drink all day?
Japanese Green Tea Sencha fuka midoriTry Sencha Fuka-Midori.
The taste is a good balance of bitterness and sweetness.
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green tea leaf Q6: Do you want to replace your morning coffee drink with a healthy tea drink?
Houjicha Gold Roasted BanchaWe recommend the Houjicha family; Houjicha Gold, Houji Kukicha and Houji Genmaicha. In general, Houjicha is similar to coffee in terms of robust flavor, hearty aroma, and a dark color. Additionally, Houjicha has the least caffeine of Japanese green teas so you will be reducing the daily intake of caffeine along with the other health benefits of green tea.
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green tea leaf Q7: Are you looking for teas that are easy brewing?
JAPANESE GREEN TEA FUKAMUSHI SENCHATry one of the deep steamed Fukamushi Senchas. The extra steaming breaks down the fibers more than a regular Sencha. This produces a fast brewing tea with a darker color and a milder flavor.
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green tea leaf Q8: Do you need a tea that you can "brew" when away from home?
Japanese Green Tea Bag and Sencha PowderYou have a choice here:
Our pyramid tea bags contain the same quality tea as our loose leaf teas. Each bag brews a flavorful cup and each bag is individually wrapped in a foil packet so the tea stays fresh.
A second option is our powdered Sencha. It mixes in seconds with hot or cold water.
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green tea leaf Q9. Do you like to drink different teas throughout the year?
We know that tea tastes change through the year just like the seasons.
Here are some suggestions:
  • Winter :
    A wonderful warming cup of premium Sencha or in late winter, the great taste of our limited availability Sakura (cherry) Sencha.
  • Spring:
    This is the season of First Flush teas and each year we produce several special First Flush teas. They are delicate and flavorful. Look for them to appear in late April and early May.
  • Summer:
    This is flavored tea time. Try our fruit flavored teas either hot or iced brewed.
  • Fall:
    There are several options for the fall. Apple Sencha is a great alternative to apple cider and Genmaicha and Houjicha are very warming after a brisk walk on a cool fall day.
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green tea leaf Q10: Are you looking for teas by popularity?
Best Selling Loose Leaf Tea--- (2009 data except seasonal teas)
  1. Japanese Green Tea Sencha fuka midoriSencha Fuka-midori
  2. Green Kukicha
  3. Sencha Extra Green
  4. Genmaicha Extra Green
  5. Guricha
Best Selling Tea Bags
  1. PYRAMID TEA BAG SENCHAPyramid Tea Bag Sencha
  2. Pyramid Tea Bag Genmaich
  3. Iced Green Teabag
  4. Pyramid Tea Bag Houjich
  5. Mugicha - Iced Barley Tea Bags
Best Powdered Tea
  1. MATCHA KAZEMatcha Kaze
  2. Powdered Sencha 30g
  3. Matcha Miyabi
  4. Restaurant Matcha
  5. Organic Matcha
We hope this helped you decide on one or two teas to try. If you're still unsure here are three more suggestions:
  • Tea Novice:
    For those of you new to Japanese green tea, try "$3 Green Tea Sampler for Novices". It is a very cost effective way to try some very good Japanese green tea.
  • Some Tea Experience:
    You've probably settled in on several teas that you like. If you sign up for Den's Tea Monthly Update you'll receive advance notice of sales and a monthly coupon good for discounts on tea and tea related products. Use these discounts to expand your tea tasting experience.
  • Tea Fanatic:
    Try one or more of our unique teas, Bancha, Guricha or Mecha. Also Fukamushi-Sencha Yame are Tencha-Kuki Houjicha are a special taste treat that are rare in North America.
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