Kameda Crisps (Kaki-No-Tane) ($3.50~)

Kameda Crisps
Kaki-No-Tane is a popular rice cracker in Japan. It goes well with tea, sake, beer, and just about any beverage. Kaki-No-Tane is the word for a persimmon seed and the rice cracker is shaped just like the seed. It is crunchy with a little spicy soy sauce flavor. The crackers are packaged with peanuts and the combination results in a great taste. Kameda Crisps are all natural, they are baked not fried, and are cholesterol free. They are free of MSG and artificial flavors and colors. Kameda Crisps are sure to brighten your tea time and sure to be a hit at your tea party.
Please note:
This product contains peanuts, soy and wheat ingredients. It may also contain milk, fish and egg ingredients.

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