The Story of Tea ($32.50)

Green Tea
The Story of Tea is an impressive tour of the world of tea including history, culture, cultivation, and the associated beauty of enjoying tea. It has a comprehensive glossary of tea terms and several sweet and savory recipes using tea. Reading through The Story of Tea you will start to understand why this beverage has inspired and sustained people for two thousand years. It is a complete book about tea with striking photography and will be enjoyed by novice tea drinkers and experienced consumers alike.
About the author: Mary Lou and Robert Heiss, are veteran tea traders and owners of a specialty food store in Massachusetts. They are friends of Den and visited Den's Tea parent company in Shizuoka while researching the book. Mary and Robert were kind enough to include a short section on Den and Shirakata Denshiro Shoten, Inc in the book. They have authored two other books, Hot Drinks and Green Tea.

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