New Tastes in Green Tea ($22.95)

Green Tea
The Winner Of The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the category of the Best Book in Cooking with Wine, Beer or Spirits.

New Tastes in Green Tea is really two books in one. In the first half of the book, author Mutsuko Tokunaga covers the basics of green tea including the most popular types of traditional tea, the fine art of brewing a perfect cup and the ins and outs of tea lore. The second half of New Tastes in Green Tea is an original cook book using green tea as a flavor enhancer for appetizers, savory main dishes and desserts. Whether you are looking for a bookshelf reference on green tea or new recipes with the great flavor of green tea, New Tastes in Green Tea is a must-have. It¡Çs for anyone seeking to appreciate the versatility and elegant flavorings of one of the world's most healthful beverages.
About the author: Mutsuko Tokunaga is a renowned Japanese food stylist and the vice president of the World Green Tea Association. She appears regularly on radio and television in Japan and writes on cooking and tea for Japanese newspapers and magazines. She is a friend of Den and they have collaborated on papers and presentations.

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