Black and Oolong Tea

logo As you know, Den's Tea specializes in manufacturing authentic green tea in Japan. What you may not know is that our parent company, Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten, in Japan, has been an importer and supplier of premium teas from around the world for more than a decade.

We are pleased to introduce our original world premium tea selections - Fair Trade Organic Black Teas and Cold Brew Iced Oolong Tea. We bring our extensive experience in selecting, blending, and manufacturing both loose tea and tea bags to the production of these products.

Fair Trade Products: Every cup of this tea matters more than you think. Your everyday purchase of Fair Trade Certified tea supports quality products that improve lives and protect the environment. These products are certified by Fair Trade USA -
the North American Tea Championship Organic Fair Trade Mango Black Tea has won a first place award in the 2012 Packaged Single-Service Class at the North American Tea Championship logo