Powdered Teas

Japanese green tea is now as convenient as it is healthy. Den's powdered tea mixes in a second with hot or cold water. It's made from chemical-free green tea leaves. It is available in a bulk package similar to our loose leaf teas or in 4 gram packets which are perfect for "brewing" up iced tea on a moments notice. (Please note this is not Matcha.)

Houjicha Powder

Den’s Houjicha Powder is made of finely ground whole leaf Houjicha, specially roasted and blended to make a very flavorful powder. Houjicha flavor... more info

Instant Mugicha Powder 3.5oz/100g

Mugicha contains no caffeine because it is made from Mugi (barley). Its taste is robust and aromatic and has been very popular with adults and... more info

Powdered Benifuki 0.4g X 20pcs

If you've read the Green Tea and Health section of our web site, you know that some of the healthy ingredients in green tea are antioxidants called... more info

Powdered Sencha 30g/1.07oz

This Powdered Sencha is made from high quality Sencha certified organic by the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS). It is a convenient way to make... more info

Powdered Sencha 4g X 50pcs

This Powdered Sencha is made of a high quality first flush Sencha. It is an easy and convenient way to make great tasting iced green tea, and the... more info

FEATURED - Matcha/Powder Tea