Organic Green Tea

Organic green tea is Nature's very own beverage. Unlike many of the other beverage options which offer very little health benefits outside their appealing taste, green tea has dozens of important benefits alongside its appealing flavor and taste. With origins from Asia-particularly in China and Japan, Green tea has been drunk for many centuries and plays an important part in the culture of most countries within the region. Green tea derives its name from the compounds from which it is made. Manufactured from the leaves and petals of green herbs, it is completely organic and carries no toxins or pollutant within. Although green tea can be drunk with milk or sugar, most people prefer to drink it in its undiluted form because it tastes better and is more effective this way. There are different types of Organic green tea depending on where it is grown. Many of these have grown to become very popular. For instance, most lovers of green tea appreciate the rich taste of Sencha. Grow in Japan, Sencha is the most popular type of green tea within the country and is drank by more than 75% of the local population. It is grown under the sunlight before being steamed and then dried and can be drank chilled, hot or warm with varying flavors for each of these options. Another popular type of Organic green tea is Gyokuro.

Also grown in Japan Gyokuro is different from Sencha in that it is cultivated in a shade and not outside in the sun. This allows it to retain even more theanine within its leaves. Gyokuro has a very strong flavor aroma and tends to be sweeter because of the reduction of catechins found in its leaves. Although not as popular as Sencha, Gyokuro is a rare and highly valued type of green tea. Several variants of Organic green tea can be taken with fruits which are added to give them newer, but in no way less appealing, tastes. Lovers of Sencha can therefore have their tea flavored with options such as apple, rose, pineapple and orange.

One of the secrets behind the success of Organic green tea is the method behind its preparation. Because organic green is merely steamed and not fermented, the anti-oxidant compounds in its leaves are still present and do not converted into new compounds as is unfortunately the case with black tea. With newer discoveries being found about the benefits of Organic green tea (i.e it helps in fighting tooth decay), green tea is likely to remain a familiar feature on the tables of most homes. One of the best sources of green tea on the continent is Den's Tea. For close to four decades, Den's Tea has provided fresh original Organic green tea for home owners around the world. Shipped directly from tea farms in Japan, Den's Tea offers tea lovers a wide choice in many of the popular brands of tea such as Sencha, Gyokuro and powdered tea leaves. You can learn even more about the Organic green tea options available to you by visiting

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