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Natinal Hot Tea MonthWe are introducing 2 new Trial Kits for those just beginning to explore Japanese tea. Each kit will give the novice tea drinker the opportunity to brew and taste authentic and fresh Japanese green tea. Of course, either kit is great for the veteran Japanese tea drinker. Both are a limited time offer, until February 28th, and because of the special promotional price are limiting their purchase to only one per customer.

Special Matcha Trial Kit - $19.95 ($41 value)
Matcha has experienced an explosion in popularity over the past several years yet there are still people who don't know what to buy or how to prepare it. Our Matcha Trial Kit will give you the taste of genuine Japanese matcha. The kit includes our popular Matcha Usucha, chasen (bamboo whisk), chashaku (matcha scoop), stainless tea strainer and a brewing guide. The stainless tea strainer is used to sift the matcha to break lumps for a smooth and creamy cup. Also, as a bonus, it includes a 0.5 oz package of Premium Restaurant Matcha so that you can make a Matcha Latte or iced tea, or use it as an ingredient for cakes or sweet treats.

Popular Loose Leaf Tea Trial Kit - $14.95 ($30.50 value)
Sencha Fukamidori, Genmaicha Extra Green and Gyokuro Kin have been our popular loose leaf teas since Den's Tea was established. This kit includes 1oz tea of each of these teas, our Denchan Kyusu, an important piece of tea ware for brewing a flavorful cup and a brewing guide. It also includes a sample bag of Denís favorite tea, Houjicha Gold! Bring your favorite cup(s) and enjoy a genuine taste of Japanese tea.

Premium Matcha Chocolate
Matcha Chocolate page
Premium Matcha Chocolate was sold out If you purchased it, we hope you enjoyed this seasonal flavor. We appreciate your patronage of this year's Premium Matcha Chocolate and we all look forward to its return again next year.

This very special treat comes from a collaboration of Den's Tea and Jin Patisserie - an award winning pastry maker. The inside is a matcha ganache made with ceremonial grade matcha and fine white chocolate. On the outside is a coating of 74% dark chocolate. When you take a bite, the sweet matcha flavor spreads in your mouth while the bitter chocolate prevents it from tasting too sweet. A 12-piece beautiful box is great as a Valentine's Day gift or for your own personal enjoyment.

Sample of Month Ė Organic Teabags

sample of the month - Organic TeabagsOur Organic Green Teas are carefully and naturally grown at our contracted tea farm under the strict specifications of the Japan and US organic programs. The tea is cut and processed specifically for brewing in a paper teabag. We include one teabag of all three popular types - Sencha, Genmaicha and Houjicha for your enjoyment!

No action is needed to receive the sample. We will automatically enclose it with your shipment, but note that the sample will be sent to the person receiving the order.

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