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Our monthly subscription box is ideal for both tea lovers and tea novices who want to:

  • Taste all the type of Japanese teas,
  • Learn about Japanese teas,
  • Drink at least a cup of green tea a day.

Each monthly box contains three types of selected Japanese teas (1oz loose leaf tea, 1.75oz Matcha or Mugicha powder, or 1.07oz Powdered Sencha), a complete description of each tea and brewing instructions. Choose a subscription plan that is best for you. There are monthly subscription plans of 3, 6, or 12 months. Each box has a retail value of over $20.

  • January: Fukamushi-Sencha Yame, Karigane Houjicha, Gyokuro Kin
  • February: Fukamushi-Sencha Chiran, Organic Houjicha, Karigane (Gyokuro Kukicha)
  • March: Fukamushi-Sencha Matsuno, Organic Genmaicha, Sencha Shin-ryoku
  • April: Matcha Chiyo-no-Shiro, Houji-Kukicha (roasted Kukicha) , Sakura Ryokucha
  • May: Shincha Kunpu, Shincha Houryoku, Genmaicha Satsuki
  • June: Honyama Oolong, Bancha Suruga, Organic Fukamushi Sencha
  • July: Instant Mugicha Powder, Organic Genmaicha with Matcha, Fukamushi-Sencha Maki
  • August: Mori-machi Pu-erh, Green Kukicha, Sencha Extra Green (with Matcha)
  • September: Sencha Zuiko, Houjicha Gold (roasted Bancha), Guricha
  • October: Gyokuro Suimei, Houji-Genmaicha (roasted Genmaicha), Sencha Fuka-midori
  • November: Wakoucha Mariko, Genmaicha Extra Green (with Matcha), Organic Sencha
  • December: Powdered Sencha, Fukamushi-Sencha special, Yuzu Kukicha with Matcha

Teas in Monthly Subscription Box:

  • • We will ship your box early each month by US First Class Mail. (US only)
  • • You can cancel your subscription after you receive your first box. A refund will be calculated based on your monthly rate.
  • • We are now taking orders for subscription deliveries stating in October!

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