Matcha Usucha 20g ($15.00)Matcha Usucha 20g ($15.00)Matcha Usucha 20g ($15.00)Matcha Usucha 20g ($15.00)Matcha Usucha 20g ($15.00)

Matcha Usucha 20g ($15.00)


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Matcha Usucha is a thin Matcha called Usucha - ceremonial grade quality that is best for the everyday Matcha drinker. Yet, it is a very high quality for enjoying the genuine taste of Matcha. Many Sado classes use Matcha Kaze for practice.

Origin: Nishio, Aichi
Harvest: First Flush
Cultivar: Yabukita

Tasting Profile:
It is a light creamy liquid with a very sweet and mild flavor.

Den's Preferred Brewing:
Water: 2oz @ 180F
Matcha: 1 gram or 1 scoop of Chashaku or 1/2 teaspoon
Whisk the Matcha well with Chasen (Bamboo whisk). See Brewing Technique under BREWING.

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