Loose Leaf Green Tea

If you're looking for a reason to consider drinking green tea then consider this. Recent results have shown that there are over 10 different important health benefits to be found with drinking green tea. Drinkers of loose leaf green tea and many of the other known variants have been able to enjoy its benefits in so many ways. The following are a few of these

Weight Loss: Sometimes the secret to losing weight really can be found in a cup. Dozens of research have shown that drinking loose leaf green tea can contribute greatly towards helping people burn weight. Green tea achieves this in different ways. For instance, drinking green tea increases the metabolic rate of the body which in turn causes people to burn fat at a much faster rate. It also reduces the amount of sugar produced during digestion. People who drink green tea regularly also rely less on sugar which goes a long way in managing their calorie intake as well as plugging their food cravings limiting how much they eat during the day.

Protection against Cancer: One of the first things that people researchers noticed about green tea during their studies was its richness in antioxidants. People who drink loose leaf green tea regularly are therefore provided with invaluable protection against the actions of free radicals and cancerous cells. Green Tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells without harming the normal healthy cells around. It is believed to be the reason behind the low incidence of cancer in regions where green tea is drank regularly such as Japan, Korea and France.

Protection against cardiovascular conditions: The dangers of cholesterol are widely known. As people grow older they become increasingly prone to high LDL cholesterol levels. The antioxidants in green tea go a long way in lowering this. Green tea contains EGCG-a powerful antioxidant-which prevents the abnormal formation of blood clots. With healthy cholesterol levels people are able to live longer lives and avoid the dangers of heart related diseases.

Green Tea tastes great: Even without the many health benefits of loose leaf green tea, there is the undeniable fact that green tea taste great. It is why loose leaf green tea such as Sencha has been drunk for many centuries. A hot or chilled cup of tea is a great way to start the morning, have a lunch break or share a conversation with a friend. There are different flavors and taste available with green tea. There are other green tea varieties outside loose leaf green tea that are mixed with fruits to create newer ambrosial flavors.

With the ever growing resources of the internet, buying green tea has become a lot easier. Popular tea merchants such as Den's Tea provide online options that allow people to place direct orders for their loose leaf green tea right from the tea farms of Japan. You'll find loose leaf green tea as well as other popular types such as Gyokuro and Sencha. For more information on where to find the best loose leaf green tea, visit https://www.denstea.com/.

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