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Green Kukicha


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For Green Kukicha, Den adds a slight strong roasting step to the production process. Its mildly sweet taste contributes to a vibrant and healthy spirit.

Origin: Shizuoka
Harvest: First Flush
Cultivar: Yabukita

Tasting Profile:
An earthy and slightly toasted aroma and an impressive mild green vegetable flavor.

Den's Preferred Brewing:
Leaf-water ratio: 2-3g(1 heaping tsp) per 4oz
Water: 180F
Steep: 60 sec
2nd Cup: Water boiled; Steep 15 sec

Reviews (1)

by Sam K.

By far, the best value on Den's. I'm usually able to brew this tea 3 to 5 times, if I begin with a cooler initial steep (maybe ~160 degrees fahrenheit), and ending with a near boiling infusion. I love the interplay between the grassy and distinctive woody notes. I always brew this tea with a high leaf to water ratio to experience the full nuances of the flavors.