Cinco de Fukamushi Sencha ($28.00)Cinco de Fukamushi Sencha ($28.00)

Cinco de Fukamushi Sencha ($28.00)


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Would you like taste all five and compare their flavors? We have made a set of 1oz bags with a special price so you can do just that. You can find your favorite Fukamushi Sencha by drinking one by one or try a tea tasting party with your friends and sample all five together.

Tea Production area Cultivar
Maki Makinohara, Shizuoka Yabukita
Yame Yame, Fukuoka Yutakamidori
Chiran Chiran, Kagoshima Asatsuyu
Special Ogasa, Shizuoka Yabukita
Organic Kakegawa, Shizuoka Yabukita

The set comes with 1oz each of Premium Fukamushi Sencha Maki, Yame and Chiran. Special and Organic.

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