Title: 20th Anniversary

Title: 20th Anniversary

Our 20th Anniversary!

We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Den’s Tea this January. When we started our business in the United States we had no idea how many North American tea lovers we would find. We started with several good quality Japanese Senchas and a few other varieties and gradually introduced Matcha, Gyokuro, Fukamushi Sencha and other unique teas.

I have enjoyed talking about tea, tea culture and brewing many cups for you during these 20 years. I wanted you to understand and enjoy Japanese tea and I am gratified to see so many Japanese tea lovers now in the North America. This was made possible by the efforts of many tea companies and several tea associations and it was our pleasure to work with them. However, this would not have happened without you! I appreciate all the North American tea lovers who have enthusiastically accepted Japanese tea and Japanese tea culture.

I will continue to bring more well-being and healing to the people of North America by spreading knowledge of the health benefits of Japanese tea.

Our website has been renewed and we have some interesting plans for our monthly updates. So please have a fun tea time with Den’s Tea in 2020!

Thank you
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Den Shirakata, President