Karigane (Gyokuro Kukicha) ($11.50)
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Karigane (Gyokuro Kukicha) ($11.50)

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I drink several cups of (Den's) green tea every morning. Several years ago, I would not have chosen Karigane as a favorite, but something about Karigane made me continue to purchase it occasionally. Eventually, I began to look forward to drinking it routinely. Right now, Karigane is 1 of 2 of Den's green teas that are my morning staples. I love the (persistent) aroma of the dried stems in the bag and in my storage tin ... I've not experienced another green tea with that aroma but, admittedly, I am not a connoisseur and don't have broad experience. Brewed Karigane has a subtle flavor but the finish is everything. Is the expense worth it? For me, it appears the aroma of the unbrewed stems, the subtle flavor of the brewed tea, and the finish is worth the expense.
Date Added: 08/10/2016 by George Stephens
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