Mugicha - Iced Barley Tea Bags (10 teabags) ($4.50/10pcs)Mugicha - Iced Barley Tea Bags (10 teabags) ($4.50/10pcs)

Mugicha - Iced Barley Tea Bags (10 teabags) ($4.50/10pcs)


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Mugicha - Iced Barley Tea Bags (10 tea bags)

Mugicha is a very popular iced tea in Japan. Its taste is robust and somewhat similar to Houjicha. Unlike Houjicha, Mugicha contains no caffeine because it is made from Mugi (barley). Our Mugicha is very aromatic. The barley is steamed and roasted in a process called the triple roasting system. It is then crushed for cold brewing and packed in convenient teabags. Since the old days, the Japanese believe Mugicha cleanses the blood of impurities. Studies are being conducted to see if there is an additional health benefit here, but we do know that, like green tea, barley grass is high in antioxidants. Enjoy this body-friendly beverage this summer.

Den's Preferred Brewing:
Place one tea bag in 1 liter (35oz) of water and let infuse for an hour. Occasionally shake or stir to bring out the flavor.

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by Sarah H.

I hadn

by Amy D.

I recently tried this for the first time. Initially, I wasn't sure I liked it. The tap water wasn't cold or pure enough. Use very cold filtered water and you will love this tea.