Iced Green Teabags ($5.85/10pcs)Iced Green Teabags ($5.85/10pcs)

Iced Green Teabags ($5.85/10pcs)



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This is premium iced green tea with all of the flavor and health benefits of hot brewed green tea. Den's Tea has combined its pyramid shaped tea bag with pure tea leaves specially processed to infuse in cool water.
Den's Iced Green Teabag is non-flavored tea with a natural and simple taste. It is a perfect summer companion for any type of food.

Origin: Shizuoka

Den's Preferred Brewing:
Place one tea bag in 20 oz of water and let infuse for an hour. Occasionally shake or stir to bring out the flavor.

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by bc W.

This is, by far, the best 'iced' green tea available. I put a pyramid bag in the bottle of water I carry during the day. The flavor is delicious, satisfying, and gives me energy. The pyramid bags are quality, as all of Den's products are. "Try'll love it"!