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The elegance and beauty of the famed Gyokuro teas. Great harmony of natural sweetness and slight bitterness. Den's Gyokuro Kin is a cup of affordable luxury.

Origin: Asahina, Shizuoka
Harvest: First Flush
Cultivar: Yabukita

Tasting Profile:
The harmony of slight astringency and natural sweetness turns to full-body in your mouth.

Den's Preferred Brewing:
Leaf-water ratio: 2-3g(1 rounded tsp) per 4oz
Water: 160F
Steep: 90 sec
2nd Cup: Water @ 180F; Steep 30 sec

Reviews (3)

by Rachel B.

This is my favorite tea! It has a clear but not overbearing taste. There isn't a bad aftertaste, nor is it too bitter. There's also a slightly sweet and grassy flavor that is one of my favorite aspects of certain Japanese green teas, and the smell really gives a wonderful experience.

by Guillermo G.

One of my favorite everyday morning teas. Smooth and Sweet. I brew according to what dens recommends. 3 oz. and rounded teaspoon. 1st cup: Water @ 160F; Steep 90 sec 2nd cup: Water @ 180F; Steep 30 sec For the quality of the tea the price is definitely fair.

by Helen B.

All around wonderful tea. The aroma, the color and the taste are outstanding. I can understand why this would be a very popular tea. When I drink this tea I savor every sip. There is no bitterness. Although it