Enjoying the Rich Flavor of Gyokuro keywords: Gyokuro Japan is home to the world's largest population of centenarians. It also is home to the one of the largest collection of green tea drinkers. Coincidence? Not really. Japan's long history of good health merely goes to confirm what scientists have only recently discovered namely; drinking good tea is not only a pleasant way to relax during the day. It is also an effective way of keeping your body health as well as protecting it against the challenges of aging. There are many important benefits to be found with drinking green tea. One of these is its anti-oxidant properties. Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols making it an extremely effective anti-oxidant.

As you probably already know, anti-oxidants slow down the process of aging in the body by preventing the destructive effects of oxidation. They are also effective in reducing the growth and development of cancer cells as well as lowering high cholesterol levels in the body. Many of the places in the world where green tea is drank regularly boast low cancer rates as a result of this. Over the years, different types of green tea have been cultivated for home consumption. Many popular brands of tea are known by their taste, quality and region in which they were grown. Many of the tea leaves grown in Japan have grown to become very popular. One of these is Gyokuro. Also known as the Jade Dew, Gyokuro is derived from the herbs of tea plant that is grown in a shelter instead of the directly under the sun. Growing the plant this way increases the caffeine and amino acid content of the plant giving it a sweeter and more appealing fragrance than many of the other tea types. Gyokuru tea leaves have a dark green color that does justice to the name of the plant. Gyokuro is primarily grown in Japan.

Unlike Sencha tea, which is drank by over three quarters of the population in Japan, Gyokuro is rare and highly valued. Drinkers of Gyokuro savor the tea slowly, enjoying the rich taste of its leaves. Because of its high oxidant content, the health benefits of drinking Gyokuro are even higher than other green tea types putting it easily amongst the best grades of green tea. If you wish to enjoy the best experience in drinking green tea, then Gyokuro should be high on your list as well. Of course, in order to ensure that you are being provided with genuine Gyokuro, it is important that you consider where you buy the tea from carefully. Tea merchants such as Den's Tea have grown in popularity amongst tea lovers who live in North America. With direct links to many of the best tea farms in Japan and a long family history in green tea, Den's Tea has provided fresh original Gyokuro to thousands of households across the continent. You'll be able to order for Gyokuro as well as other popular types of green tea such as Sencha, by visiting the pages of his website.

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