Flavored Teas

Den's Award-winning Flavored Teas are a subtle combination of fresh green tea and fruit or flower flavors. The Sencha or Kukicha and the flavor work in harmony so neither overpowers the other. The fruit flavored green teas are enjoyable for both hot and iced brewed.

Apple Sencha

The combination of dried apple bits and apple flavor make Apple Sencha a great option to apple cider on a cold evening. It offers the pleasure of... more info

Grape Sencha

Grape Sencha has a grape flavor plus a hint of dried cranberry and raspberry. These combine into the sweet-tart flavors of our Grape Sencha. Great... more info

Pineapple Sencha

The combination of Pineapple flavor and dried Papaya bits make the quality Sencha the taste of Hawaii. If you make iced tea, it makes a great... more info