Earl Grey Iced Black Teabags ($24.00)

Green Tea
This is our black tea from Assam that is blended and flavored especially for cold brewing. We pack 5 grams of quality tea into a pyramid teabag for smoother brewing in cold water.
We have been supplying this product for a decade to Japanese restaurants in the United States; however we never introduced it to our retail customers because our focus was on Japanese green tea.
Its popularity with restaurant customers has grown over the years due to its distinct flavor. We thought people may also want to enjoy it at home so we have decided to expand its availability. Cold brewing also makes it easy and convenient for home enjoyment.

Iced Earl Grey TeabagsAlthough we only have the restaurant size (50 bags) available, we believe you will be enjoying refreshing Earl Grey iced tea several times a day and will be ordering more soon.
  • Origin: Assam
Den's Preferred Brewing:
Place one tea bag in 20 oz of water and let infuse for an hour. Occasionally shake or stir to bring out the flavor.

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