Special Houjichas Offer


Did you know that Houjicha is a great tea for winter?
Houjicha is a green tea yet it brews up a pleasing brown cup because it is finished with a roasting process. This process produces a compound called "Pryazine". Pryazine is an aromatic organic compound with some special benefits that the other green teas don't have. Pyrazine is known to improve blood flow within the blood vessels and improves overall blood circulation in the body. This could help prevent the formation of blood clots. Additionally, the improved circulation gets blood to more parts of the body thus warming you from the inside. There is more scientific work to be done in this area but it looks very promising. With Houjicha you would also benefit from its relaxing aroma.

In addition to the benefits of Pryazine, Houjicha contains less caffeine than any other Japanese green tea. If you are a coffee or black tea drinker and want to reduce your daily intake of caffeine but still want good flavor, Houjicha may be the best substitute. In general, Houjicha is similar to coffee or black tea with a robust flavor, hearty aroma, and a dark color. Unlike coffee, Houjicha is still a green tea and has all the health benefits of green tea.

To share this aromatic healthy tea with more green tea lovers, we are offering “Buy 2, Get 20% off” for all Houjicha loose leaf teas and teabags. Enjoy a toasty tea time this winter!