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  3. The top 3 reasons our customers drink Japanese teas!

  4. The Top 3 reasons our Customers choose Den's Teas!
$3 Green Tea Sampler for Novices

GreenTea SamplerTo introduce our fresh, quality teas, we have assembled a Green Tea Sampler for Novices. It contains samples of our best selling items: Matcha - Premium Restaurant Matcha, Loose Leaf Tea - Sencha Fukamidori, Genmaicha Extra Green and Houjicha Gold, and Gourmet Tea Bag - Sencha and Genmaicha. To help with brewing the loose tea, we include convenient tea filters and brewing instructions. The Sampler also contains an informative booklet about tea and its substantial health benefits. This is a great starting point if you are just learning about Japanese green tea or if you are interested in expanding your source for quality tea.
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The green tea sampler is only for the first time customer of Den's Tea. The order must be shipped to the address (the U.S. ONLY) of the person ordering.

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The top 3 reasons our customers drink Japanese teas!



Matcha, Gyokuro and Sencha are three good quality Japanese green teas that have "Umami". Umami is the fifth human taste sense rounding out sweet, sour, salt and bitter. Umami refers to savoriness and is considered the most influential factor in determining how delicious a food is. Consequently Japanese teas are delicious!


Health Benefits

Green tea like Matcha is sometime called a "Super Food". A key health benefit of tea is its power as an antioxidant. Green tea is a great source of antioxidants because it contains substances such as vitamin A, C and E and the powerful catechin antioxidant. It's no wonder that Japanese green tea, with so many antioxidants, is considered a health food.



matchaThere is a reason why you are relaxed when you drink green tea and it is more than just a state of mind. Green teas, especially high quality Japanese green tea such as Gyokuro, Matcha, Kukicha and some Senchas contain a special compound called "L-Theanine". This compound induces relaxation and is a unique amino acid found in tea and very few other sources. It generates alpha-waves in the brain. Alpha waves are emitted when the brain is in a relaxed state.

We also know people who report being relaxed just by the aroma of tea. One of the components of the aroma in green tea is Aoba alcohol (xylopyranosyl-(1-6) glucopyranoside). Aoba means green leaves and we suspect it eases stress and stimulates the circulation of blood. By breathing in the aroma of tea, the olfactory receptors transport it to the brain very quickly and this could result in a sense of relaxation.

The Top 3 reasons our Customers choose Den's Teas!


Den's Tea is a Japanese Green Tea Specialist

shirakata denshiro shotenDen's Tea is a subsidiary of Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten, Inc., a green tea manufacturer in Shizuoka, Japan since 1923. Den's Tea was established in North America by Den Shirakata, a third generation Japanese tea merchant with over 30 years of hands-on experience in growing and manufacturing Japanese green tea. His family run business has almost a century of experience in selecting, blending, and manufacturing loose tea, tea bags and powdered tea.We sample cups of tea we receive from Japan and monitor the quality of the tea we ship to you. We are dedicated to providing quality tea and want to share our professionalism through our teas. We hope that we become your source for quality tea and tea products as well as an unbiased source of information on Japanese tea and tea culture.


The freshest Green Tea - Directly from tea field to you

tea fieldOne priority is to provide you with fresh Japanese tea. Our teas are processed and packaged in our Shizuoka facility and we import them directly from Shizuoka into California. There are no other individuals or companies involved in the process. Once in California, all the teas are placed in a climate controlled storage facility. We are confident that we supply the freshest Japanese teas in the North America.


Unique Products and Services

Den chanWe want to be your Japanese Tea Specialist. We carry unique seasonal teas such as Shincha (the first flush tea) in May, Yuzu and Sakura flavored seasonal teas, and hard to find teas like Karigane (Gyokuro Kukicha), Guricha and Tencha Kuki Houjicha.

We are also an experienced mail-order company. (Our parent company, Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten is one of the oldest tea mail-order companies in Japan. They started mail order operations in the 1950's before the fax machine and the internet were available.) We generally ship orders within 3 business days after receiving your order and ship by priority mail to US addresses. There is no charge for shipping for orders over $50.

Additionally, Den is always looking forward to talking with you about tea!

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