How Green Tea Can Improve Brain Function

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Green tea is one of the most wholesome beverages that anyone could possibly drink. Filled with a high quantity of nourishing components, consumers of green tea reap all sorts of benefits and positive effects.

Some of the effects of green tea include an anti-oxidizing effect, body fat reduction, lowered blood pressure, decreased cholesterol, increased stamina, prevention of tooth decay, bad breath prevention, neuronal cell protection, and maintenance of healthy skin and mucous membrane.1

It is important to note, however, that certain varieties of green tea may have different or limited benefits from others. For example, Gyokuro green tea is a variety of green tea that is grown using covered culture—grown in the shade, rather than in full sun exposure. The Gyokuro bushes are covered for about twenty days prior to harvest.

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Brain Function Compound Boosters

If you are seeking a green tea for brain power, you’ll find that any variety of green tea works. The main component which has been shown to improve brain function is caffeine—which can be found at different levels in all green teas. Caffeine is a main stimulant in tea which blocks adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter which promotes sleep and suppresses arousal in normal conditions.3,4

By blocking adenosine receptors, neurons in the brain are stimulated for longer periods of time and neurotransmitters like dopamine—which plays a major role in attention, problem-solving, and memory—and norepinephrine—which also plays a role in attention and learning—become fired up.4,5

Additionally, the amino acid L-theanine is also present in green tea and increases alertness. When combined with caffeine, brain function is improved, and you can increase your productivity.6

The Fight Against Down Syndrome

Some researchers have found that the DYRK1A gene is a major constituent to the neurological and cognitive symptoms of Down syndrome, and that the ECGC compound found in green tea can help control the activity and protein production of it.7

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