How Green Tea Can Improve Your Dental Health

Girl Enjoy Green Tea to Improves Dental Health

Green tea is known for all sorts of health benefits. It’s been linked to improve heart health and bone health, and it even protects cells in the body from free radical damage, thanks to its antioxidant properties—but did you know that drinking Japanese green tea like Sencha or Gyokuro green tea is also good for your dental health?

Here’s How Green Tea Can Benefit Your Dental Health

Prevents Cavities

We all brush and floss to prevent cavities, but adding green tea as part of your daily diet can also help keep cavities at bay. Green tea controls bacteria levels by lowering the acidity of saliva and of plaque. The less acidic your mouth, the lower chance there is of bacteria thriving.

With lower levels of bacteria in the mouth, you’re less susceptible to tooth decay. By drinking a cup of green tea a day or using it as a mouthwash, you can have the peace of mind that your smile is healthy!

Improves Gum Health

Think that green tea and periodontitis aren’t related? Think again! A study conducted by Japanese researchers found that subjects who drank a cup of green tea a day had improved gum health. Catechins are a type of flavonoid and antioxidant that is found in abundance in green tea. Researchers believe that catechins help with periodontal health by minimizing inflammation caused by bacteria on the gums.

As an added benefit, catechins help to minimize cell damage and may even be useful in aiding in weight loss.

Not only does green tea minimize the risk of bacteria on your gums, it can also help with gum recession. By drinking green tea, gum recession is a problem of the past because the healthier your gums, the less likely they are to recede.

Cures Bad Breath

Benefits of Green Tea

Because of the beneficial effects of green tea on oral bacteria, by drinking a cup of green tea a day you can have better-smelling breath. This is because the elements in green tea kill the bacteria and microbes that cause your mouth to have a foul odor.

A study found that participants who used green tea in place of mouthwash experienced a reduction in odor-causing bacteria after just one use! At the end of the study, participants had almost a 39% reduction in the volatile sulfur compounds which cause bad breath.

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