Finum Tea Filters ($5.00~)

Finum Tea Filters
These filter bags offer a very practical and convenient solution to brewing tea when you are away from your traditional tea pot. They slip easily into a purse or briefcase and when you arrive at your destination, simply fill them with your favorite tea, place in your cup or mug and add water. The wide opening at the top makes it easy to add tea. Of course you can also use them at home as a quick and easy to make a cup of tea.

These disposable tea filter have a pleated bottom to hold additional leaves and a flap for easier filling and steeping. We are offering two sizes:
Large: 3.25"W X 7.25"H for a teapot 100/box
Extra Slim: 2.5"W X 5"H for a cup or mug 100/box

Both filter bags are biodegradable.

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Finum Tea Filters - Large

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Finum Tea Filters - Extra Slim


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