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Kukicha So Unique!
Last month, we introduced Genmaicha one of our unique teas. This month, we are pleased to introduce another unique tea that has become more popular especially among North American green tea fanatics. It is Kukicha. "Kuki" means stem, twig or stalk and "cha" is tea, so Kukicha is twig tea. It is also sometimes called "Bo-cha" because "Bo" means stalk. There are very few teas in the world that are made from the stems of the tea bush. Kukicha is produced through the manufacturing of Sencha, Gyokuro or Bancha. Kukicha made with stems from the processing of high quality Gyokuro is called "Karigane". Originally it was not prized as a secondary product of Sencha but has recently gained popularity as an every day tea with a full body taste.

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Sample of the Month Houji-Kukicha
We would like you to try and even more special Kukicha, Houji-Kukicha, this month. It offers an elegant roasted aroma and Umami taste from the stems. The taste is rather unique and will get your attention with the first sip.

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New Matcha Tins
Since we started Den's Tea, we have sold Matcha Miyabi and Kaze in tins with Japanese labels. We thought the containers were cool and reflected the origin of the matcha. However, due to recent increasing demand of matcha, we have more customers who wonder if this is Koicha or Usucha i.e. ceremonial or cooking grade. Because we want more North American consumers to understand better what they are receiving, we have changed our labels. The new matcha name is Matcha Koicha and Matcha Usucha. Each Matcha is completely same as formerly named Matcha Miyabi and Kaze. Hope you like our new designs!

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Introducing Organic Houjicha Teabags
We are pleased to introduce our new Organic Houjicha teabags. Besides our award winning Organic Sencha and Genmaicha teabags, we believe Houjicha is another delightful tea with the convenience of a teabag. We have selected flavorful organic Bancha (even though it's roasted, the basic quality of tea leaf is very important to make Houjicha) and carefully roast and size it to fit in a teabag so that it will extract maximum flavor and aroma.

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Sale Buy Two Organic Teabags and Get One Free
To celebrate our Organic Houjicha teabag, we are offering "Buy two, get one free" for any Organic (Green and Black) Teabags. It's a great time to stock up your teabag supply before the holiday season arrives!

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