Hashiri Shincha ($24.75)

Hashiri means the "first (harvest or catch) of the season" and our Hashiri Shincha is just that. It is the first of the first flush teas. It is made from the very young leaves and buds of the tea plant. We are very glad to once again to be offering Hashiri Shincha. Not only do we get to supply you with a great tea, but we also have the opportunity to work with a tea grower who is essentially an artist in the tea field.
  • Origin: Uchimaki, Shizuoka
  • Harvest: First Flush 2015
  • Species: Yabukita
hashiri shincha Every year Den's parent company, Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten, strikes a special contract with the Moriuchi tea farm to purchase their very young shincha leaves and use it as the only tea in our Hashiri Shincha. The Moriuchi tea farm is owned and operated by Mr. Yoshio Moriuchi who has a brilliant history in tea farming. He has won Gold and Silver medals in the past several years at the World Green Tea Contest, the O-Cha Frontier Contest, and the Shizuoka Tea Auction. His passion for tea and his spirit of ingenuity are still growing. He uses an original natural fertilizer that he blends himself. He is very careful at timing the harvest to bring out the best flavor of the tea leaf. His first flush tea is very delicate and the top buds and tea leaves are carefully picked by hand.

yoshio After the leaves are picked, Mr. Moriuchi makes Aracha (rough tea) with the young leaves. The Aracha is brought to the Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten's factory, where it is processed as little as possible. To maintain its field freshness especially for this Hashiri Shincha, there is no blending and only a light roasting. Consequently it is somewhat delicate and will be available for a very limited time.
Den's 2015 Hashiri Shincha Tasting Comments:
Every year it's exciting to cut open the first bag of Hashiri Shincha. However I was honestly shocked that the aroma in the bag did not rise up to my nose like previous years. I began to think that the 2015 Hashiri Shincha wasn't going to be successful but the taste would be the true test. I always brew the very first cup of Shincha with boiling water. This allows me to clearly define the tasting profile of the tea such as freshness, bitterness, and umami.
When I took the first sip, I was surprised at its bold taste with umami, slight bitterness and comfortable astringency. It was also tasty like a fresh green salad. Despite the weak aroma, its strong taste spread from my mouth to nose and eventually my nose was filled with the fresh aroma. Then I had a second cup. How steady the taste was! The 2nd cup was as good as the first which means that the tea leaves are well rolled and kneaded, and not all of the flavors were extracted in the first brewing. So I tried a 3rd cup which I normally do not do. It was still alive! I call our 2015 Hashiri Shincha shy because its character was hidden at first but became bolder I as I got to know it better. Certainly our 2015 Hashiri Shincha is made with super fresh, healthy tea leaves.
I would recommend that you brew it at a higher water temperature, say 180 to 200F. Finally while I was writing these comments, I also found that an aftertaste was left in my throat, not in mouth. 2015 Hashiri Shincha is very unique and worth enjoying now.

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Hashiri Sencha
Den's Preferred Brewing:
Water: 2oz @ 160F
Leaves: 2 grams or 1 rounded teaspoon
Steep: 90 sec
2nd Cup: Water @ 180F; Steep 30 sec

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