"Shin" means new, and "Cha" means tea. Shincha, often called the first flush tea, is made from the tea picked during the first harvest in the spring. The first harvest of the year, usually from April to May, produces the highest quality tea in Japan. During the winter the tea plant goes dormant and slowly pulls nutrients from the soil. The first leaves of the season are rich with these nutrients, including amino acids and catechins. These enhance the flavor and aroma of this first-harvest tea. Shincha has a bright, luminescent green color, strong aroma and pronounced sweetness.

Japanese Green Tea Shincha 2011 Eventually, most of Den's Tea teas will be made from the 2015 first flush tea. Our regular teas will be available with this year's Shincha in early summer. Also every year, Den's Tea offers special Shinchas for your enjoyment and imports them by air shipment somewhat like the Beaujolais Nouveau wines of France.

Our special Shinchas are made from tea leaves that are very shiny and thin and I think they are the most beautiful tea in the world. They have a young flavor almost as if you were picking the tea and steeping it right in the field. To maintain its field freshness, we process it as little as possible; consequently it is somewhat delicate and will be available for a very limited time.

All the Shinchas - Hashiri, Kunpu and Houryoku are available now.

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