2013 Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day Gift 2012 For many years in Japan, Shincha has been celebrated as a beverage of good fortune. The legend has been handed down that the young energetic tea leaves from the first flush will bring you health and long life. So it seems appropriate that Shincha is becoming a traditional Mother's Day gift. Mother's Day is May 12th.

To make Mother's Day a little more special, why not add a tasty snack or one of the popular tea accessories that are listed below.

mother's day special items

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Hashiri Shincha 2oz Gift Can - gift wrapped

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Hashiri Shincha 2oz Gift Can - unwrapped

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Double-Wall Stainless Steel Tea Tumbler - Green Leaf


Kameda Crisps 5 oz. (Kaki-No-Tane)


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