Shincha Houryoku ($19.75)

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JAPANESE GREEN TEA: Shincha Houryoku
Shincha Houryoku is an Eighty-Eighth (88th) Night Shincha produced with a longer steaming just like our Fukamushi-Sencha. The extra steaming causes the tea to brew a thick emerald liquid full of herbaceous flavor. Eighty-Eighth Night Shincha refers to Shincha picked on the 88th day after the first day of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar. It is around May 2nd. The Eighty-Eighth Nigh - "Hachijuhachiya" in Japanese - is a special day in Japanese agriculture since it is considered about the time all the plants and vegetation begin to sprout.
  • Origin: Makinohara, Shizuoka
  • Harvest: First Flush 2017
  • Species: Yabukita
FYI:Den's 2016 Shincha Houryoku Tasting Comments:
Once I opened the bag, I found an aroma similar to Gyokuro (a little like seaweed) and that made me expect a mellow flavor with good Umami. As I brewed the Houryoku, I was happy to see a nice cloudy cup that meant it was well steamed and kneaded. The first sip gave me a very comfortable herbaceous flavor spreading in my mouth. It is unique that the aftertaste is sticky everywhere in my mouth but not in my throat like Hashiri or Kunpu. As I continued sipping, the mellow flavor left in my mouth got stronger and the aftertaste was sticky throughout my mouth. The second cup was very mild yet had good flavor without bitterness. We say that Fukamushi Sencha is "a deep steamed Sencha" and you will enjoy a deep flavor and aftertaste with our deep steamed Shincha, Houroyoko.

Shincha Houryoku 2017
Den's Preferred Brewing:
Water: 3oz @ 160F
Leaves: 2 grams or 1 level teaspoon
Steep: 45sec
2nd Cup: Water @ 180F; Steep 15 sec

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